Kamping Kitbash is organised through Nerdlab.

Nerdlab is an open collective of makers, with a lab in Ghent, where we make all kinds of things artistic with technology. 🎨🔧

It is a place with machines and knowledge, where we let people be creative with technology. First and foremost, we want to be a safe(r) place for experimentation and cross-pollination.

We do that through organising TRAJECTORIES, LABS, PROJECTS, and EVENTS. 🌱💡

The lab is for and by the community. Do you want to be a part of this community? Drop in for a chat, sign up for a workshop or track, or organise something in the lab. 💬🛠️


Sponsors below

Sponsors below

Sickhouse organises an accompanying event in Enschede that will take our work a step into the world of RPG's

Founded in 2018, Sickhouse is a playful art space that explores the transformations of our society through digital culture. Interactive art, movies, games and music are presented in our physical space and online through extraordinary events, exhibitions, screenings, festivals, let's play, talks, meet up, research, parties and more.

Army Painter

We are sponsored by Army Painter, they provide us with quality products to help us make our weekend a creative playground!

“There is so much to love about tabletop gaming! Whether you're just diving into Warhammer, D&D, historical gaming, or your favourite board game, there's a ton to discover and appreciate in this amazing hobby and its community.

At The Army Painter, we're excited to share our passion for gaming and painting with the world. That's why every product we create is designed to make your hobby and gaming experience simple, beautiful, and fun! From beginners to seasoned veterans, our products, and tutorials will help you to achieve amazing results with ease.”


Kamping Kitbash is still looking for sponsors to fill our Goodie Bags, provide materials or other awesome collaborations! Reach out to marketing@kampingkitbash.com if you are interested!