We want to connect miniature makers, tabletop gamers and RPG enthusiasts across the world. That's why we're organising our first weekend where tabletop miniature and role-playing game fans build, break, paint, and play with like-minded artists and creatives from across Europe.🌍

Kitbashers will explore new ways of making miniatures, and exchanging ideas and techniques in an exciting and welcoming environment.🤝

The weekend will be full of bits, games, and collaborative projects bringing creatives together and learning from other passionate hobbyists. 🎨

A three day crafting event, featuring indie tabletop games,artistic sillyness & miniature making.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, you might be wondering what a “kitbash” is.

According to Wikipedia: “Kitbashing or model bashing is the practice of making a new scale model by taking pieces out of kits.”

Miniatures or models often come in different parts that still need assembly. These are referred to as kits. By using multiple different kits to assemble a model of your own creation or in another way than indicated by the model’s instructions, you’re considered kitbashing as you are ‘bashing’ the different kits together.




Are you looking for creatives who share your passion for miniatures? 🎲

Do you want to push the boundaries of what art in miniature can be? 🖌️

Are you excited to spend a whole weekend experimenting, playing and talking about the small things in your cupboard?

Or have you been looking for the most insanely fun way of getting into this hobby? Grab some superglue and join us on the weekend of the 13th of September! 🌟 🎉

By and for miniature-obsessed creatives, crafty wargamers, nerdy artists and imaginative role players.

When and where?

The very first edition of KAMPING KITBASH will take place in Gent (Belgium) at BROEI
Broei is a restored old factory close to the city centre. It has many rooms, ranging from the cosy living room to our crazy rave bunker! 🪩

If you want the full Kamping Kitbash experience, you can stay at the local hostel with other participants. Right next to our 10th century castle!🏰

Friday Sept. 13 until Sunday Sept. 15

a memorable location where you can let your creativity run wild!


Let's think and experiment!

Foremost, we want to connect the web of creatives and hobbyists to exchange knowledge and enable artistic cross-pollination. 🐝

Furthermore, we want to dig deeper into the possibilities of what gaming and art can do and mean for us as people. 🎲 We want to ask interesting questions and create around the themes of identity to find a more powerful way of expressing ourselves collaboratively.

💡We can learn from everyone and anyone has something to teach. Kamping Kitbash is an open and inviting space where you’ll be challenged to reconsider notions of identity and cooperatively express yourself. We strive to build a diverse community that is not afraid to experiment and share knowledge. We also want to make the funniest, grossest little goblins.👹

a close up of a bunch of toys on a table
a close up of a bunch of toys on a table

The bigger picture

A worldwide community!

Kamping Kitbash is part of a much larger effort to connect miniature makers, tabletop gamers and RPG-enthusiast across the world! 🚀

In collaboration with Nerdlab and Sickhouse we have applied for an Erasmus+ grant so we can take our plans even further.🛸

Kamping Kitbash is just the start of building a community and push the boundaries of what miniature art can be.