Kamping Kitbash

Everything you need to know

The event starts on Friday the 13th of September. You are welcome from 11h00, but activities start at 14h. The event ends on Sunday the 15th of September around 22h00.
(However, you are welcome to hang around earlier or later) 🍻

The event takes place at Broei, a unique location in Gent, Belgium 🇧🇪

It is reachable by car or public transport: If you're arriving from Gent-Sint-Pieters station 🚃 there are many buses 🚌 that will take you there.

If you need any help with transporting stuff to the event, don't hesitate to contact us!

What to bring?
Of course bring anything you
would normally take on a trip! But also:

- Any crafting materials 🖌️ (brushes, bits, glue,...)

- Any work you'd like to share (or destroy) 🗿

- Anything you'd need to organise a game you would like to run 🎲

- A lightly coloured blank piece of clothing 👕
We will run a screen printed merch stand on
site so bring anything you'd like Goblinified!

- Snacks from your home country to share 😉

- Some euros 💶, just in case

Everything you need to know

The entrance!

Will there be competitions?
Yes, but only very silly ones. With cool, but very silly prizes. 🏆