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Broei is a old restored factory 🏭 in the beautiful city of Gent. It has a bunch of separate spaces where we can let our imagination run free. On site is a bar, rave bunker, quiet living room 🛋️, workshop spaces and more! This location is right next to our home: Nerdlab.👓 This means we will have acces to all the tools and materials Nerdlab, the best makerspace of Gent, provides!

Nieuwland 69
9000 Gent

a toothbrush with a toothbrush in the dark
a toothbrush with a toothbrush in the dark

Optionally, it is possible to stay in a hostel nearby. ⛺ This is the full Kamping Kitbash experience where you'll share a room with other participants.

The hostel is about 13 minutes by tram or by foot from our location. You will stay in a comfortable room in the heart of Gent, right next to the Castle!🏰

A room for 3 nights is 75€ and will be shared with 2-6 people. When registering for the weekend you can add a Hostel stay, afterwards, we will ask for further preferences for room sharing. 👬

Hostel De Draecke
Sint-Widostraat 11
9000 Gent